Music in the Wilderness

Music in the Wilderness

Sun, 7/23/17 to Sat, 7/29/17
Filling - 6 spots available for 14 - 16 year olds

Primary Activities: Backpacking, making music, exploring amazing landscapes, wilderness safety skills

Nights: 4 wilderness, 2 Camp Augusta

Challenge Level 1: Entry level backpacking

Music in the wilderness 1


The Desolation Wilderness is far from desolate if you love alpine lakes, granite peaks, and green alpine meadows.  This expedition will provide campers with incredible opportunities to experience the beauty and solace of the wilderness.  We will spend our days hiking, making music, writing songs, and swimming in this incredible area.

Each participant is invited to bring ten songs to the group, from which we can select a few to practice.  The trip also features a song writing component, with the wilderness (or other inspiration) as our muse!  


Some of the light and portable trail instruments we can supply are: 

Martin Backpacker Guitar

Parlor (3/4 scale) Guitar

Trail Banjo

Micro Bass

Seagull Merlin





Perhaps you own a small, portable instrument that you are familliar with, bring it along if you'd like!




Experience: Explore – This trip is designed for campers who have done some hiking or backpacking, and have a student level experience with music.

Endurance: 1 – Our packs will weigh 1/3rd of our body weight and we will be active outside every day.

more on challenge ratings

Recommended Age: 12 - 17


The 2015 Augusta Crew on the summit of Pyramid Peak


 swimming in the desolation wilderness


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